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2-1-1 Missouri Resource Hotline

Need Help? Call 211! Help Starts Here!

211 is a free, community resource hotline that is available to the public. By dialing or texting 2-1-1, you will be connected with a trained operator to help access your needs, provide information and offer referrals to human services for your everyday needs and in times of crisis. If dialing 2-1-1 does not work for you, please call the toll free number: 1-800-427-4626. You can also get more information at

Dial 211 when you need:

Basic human needs services including:
  • food banks
  • clothing
  • shelters
  • rent assistance
  • utility assistance
Health services (physical, mental, disabled) including:
  • health insurance programs for children and families
  • Medicaid and Medicare assistance
  • maternal health care
  • crisis intervention services
  • support groups
  • counseling
  • drug and alcohol intervention and rehabilitation
  • transportation
  • home rehabilitation services
Employment support including:
  • financial assistance
  • job training
  • transportation assistance
  • education programs
Child, youth, family and elderly services including:
  • after school programs
  • youth activities
  • adult day care
  • congregate or home delivery meals
  • home health care
  • transportation
  • homemaker and chore services

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