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Community Impact

Community Impact means aligning our resources to ensure the Sikeston/Bootheel Area United Way makes a concerted effort in impacting education, income, and health issues in our community. How do we accomplish this?

The first step to making positive, long-lasting changes in a community is to understand the community conditions and issues that people are facing every day. Follow the link in the paragraph below to learn more about conditions in our community – Scott, New Madrid, Mississippi, Stoddard, and Butler Counties.

One of United Way Worldwide’s 10-year goals is to cut in half, by 2018, the number of students who drop out of high school. United Way Worldwide has created a tool called the “Common Good Forecaster” to help community members see the impact education has on areas such as life expectancy, low birth weight, murder, and obesity. Follow the link below to see how key economic and social conditions would change if we accomplish our goal.

Common Good Forecaster