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Community Investment

The Sikeston/Bootheel Area United /way is committed to making a difference through programs that positively impact the most pressing issues in our communities. United Way provides partial funding to community impact programs at 21 partner agencies in Scott, New Madrid, Mississippi, Stoddard, and Butler Counties that serve over 200,000 people each year. The funds are distributed through the community investment process.

Allocation of Campaign Funds to United Way Partner Agencies

Each spring, the Sikeston/Bootheel Area United Way completes a community investment process, where a sub-committee from the Board of Directors determines how United Way campaign funds would be best allocated to 21 partner agencies for the upcoming year that is in line with United Way’s mission and that ensures responsible stewardship and accountability for funds allocated by United Way. This sub-committee will review funding requests from the partner agencies including agency applications and program results and will then make funding recommendations about where donor dollars should be allocated to the Sikeston/Bootheel Area United Way board of directors.

This process ensures that dollars donated to the Sikeston/Bootheel Area United Way are distributed to the most needed programs and services each year that have measurable outcomes that focus on impacting one of the following areas:

  • Educational
  • Financial Stability
  • Health

Through the process, sub-committee members are encouraged to provide input as to which issues they think need the most attention in our communities and how campaign funds can best be used to address these needs.