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Our Mission

The Sikeston/Bootheel Area United Way is a local community impact and fundraising organization whose goal is to improve lives and create possibilities for people in Scott, New Madrid, Mississippi, Stoddard, and Butler Counties. We will accomplish our mission through advocacy, leadership, and support for non-profit organizations that help individuals and families gain access to educational, economic, and health opportunities. With the help of diverse community partners who serve as board members, the Sikeston/Bootheel Area United Way advances the common good by building opportunities for individuals and families to become self sufficient and live independent, successful lives. The Sikeston/Bootheel Area United Way thrives on the generosity of its donors, and all donor dollars are wisely invested locally into high performing programs.


Improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of the Sikeston/Bootheel community (comprised of five counties). Focus on the building blocks for a good quality of life – education, income, and health – and create long-lasting change by addressing the underlying causes of problems – poverty, literacy, career readiness, and well being.

Diversity and Non-Discrimination

To value diversity is to respect and appreciate race, religion, skin color, gender, nationality, language differences, sexual orientation, gender identify, physical, mental and developmental abilities, age, socioeconomic status, work and behavioral styles, parental status and the perspectives of each individual shaped by their nation, culture, and experiences. To be inclusive is to leverage diversity by bringing together unique individual backgrounds to collectively and more effectively address the issues facing our community.

There is neither exclusion nor discrimination with regard to Board member selection or staff employment. The Sikeston/Bootheel Area United Way will cooperate fully with the applicable regulations of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to achieve equal employment opportunity for all persons in filling board member and staff positions. We will identify ourselves as an equal employment opportunity employer in recruitment advertisements.

The Sikeston/Bootheel Area United Way recognizes diversity exists and will strive to involve every segment of the Sikeston/Bootheel Area in our work. The Sikeston/Bootheel Area United Way will advocate and promote diversity among its board, staff, agencies, volunteers, programs, and donors. We will build on the diversity of people in our communities and value their ideas and perspectives.

The Sikeston/Bootheel Area will embrace diversity and make it an integral part of our organization. We will maintain an organizational environment that enables all people to perform to their potential by actively valuing different backgrounds and perspectives, fostering teamwork and collaboration among members of the communities of the Sikeston/Bootheel Area, and maximizing contributions to the Sikeston/Bootheel Area United /Way by using the skills, talents, and resources of all members of our communities.